No. Not without my permission


All moods are essentially suggestive and variable -
all activities presented are absolutly non-compulsory

Sessions with Syn Ariad.

Mistress Syn Ariad has a profound interest in seeing Masochism unfold under her Control, through stressful positions, mental connection, pain administration and creation of sub space (or full presence management).

She is not the typical shouting Domme, She likes to tantalized and control so you, poisoned, manipulated, abandonning yourself, dance on edges for Her.

Mistress performs in a safe and clean environment. She makes the hygiene a priority (with the training and advice from a body piercer, and access to profesionnal desinfectant/sterilisation products as well as autoclave). She is expecting the same care from the client, who will arrive perfectly clean or will be sent to the bathroom at his/her expenses.

Of course, Her first rule is to always play with safe words. Although She makes sure that you do not reach the point of needing it, She also needs to know that you would not fail at using it in case of necessity.

The Tribute will be communicated privately, but is NEVER negotiable. As well as the deposit, which has to be sorted before any meeting. No exceptions.

Understand that She is focusing on one session a day/night, which does not leave much room for your whims.

Mistress will never allow disrespect, (passive-)agressive behaviour during and in between sessions, and any kind of abusive attitude. No second chances!

Most of Her meetings happen in a private Lair, l’Antre Noire. It has Her personal touch and equipment, dark atmophere, basic facilities. If you wish to contribute to the establishment of Her very special Antre Noire and activities, you will find what She needs here. Bank/Paypal details are also available for those who beg.

Mistress is a Creature of the Night, therefore She is not available for morning or early afternoon meetings. She will see you ideally between 7pm and 3am. A few exceptions made for short public meet and play.
She will never provide an accommodation, unless it is part of an over-night incarceration session.

Note that Mistress Syn will be permanently moving to Brussels by November 2017, where She will be receiving in Her new Abode. Sessions can also be booked regularly in Paris, London and Barcelona, places that Mistress is often visiting.

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