No. Not without my permission


One way of starting exploring the realm of Fetish and BDSM is to encounter a dedicated Lady practionner like I am, taking you by the hand to build a safe and secure base for your fantasies to unfold… It is my Role to guide you through light and obscurity, allowing yourself to explore, learn and blossom.

Respect, Acceptance and a good Communication are keys… to Fulfillement, Understanding, an Enriching Relationship and a lot of Fun. This applies to both sides.

I welcome all genders and sexuality. The compatibility of our minds goes way beyond.
As for your fantasies you may want to check with Me what are my own limits – the rest lies under your eyes here in my Domain…

I have a long experience with novices, and my expectations usual differ from what you think they are.
All questions are valid, and you do not have to know all the codes to get in contact… Just please be aware that I do NOT propose any kind of vanilla dynamic and play.
You may introduce yourself properly and politely, stay respectful and patient while I get back to you.
I’m a busy Lady and I do not owe you any of my time, do keep this in mind.


Dare, to make the first step… And follow My lead.

In Sessions